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As global companies push forward into burgeoning markets in today’s challenging economy their employees are increasingly exposed to new and emerging threats. Maintaining existing accounts and mining new opportunities presents companies with a legitimate requirement to demonstrate a higher “duty of care” standard in response to increased threat levels. Frequency of travel increases exposure to myriad threats proportionately; exponentially when business development requires travel to less well developed regions or regions affected by any number of world events that have unfortunately resulted in skyrocketing crime, increased abductions and terrorism. The personal risk to travelers is not imagined. The business risks are omnipresent and palpable; deal with them intelligently and prepare your employees appropriately, they're your most valuable asset.


Kembativz Brand is a trusted U.S. government contractor with years of relevant experience.




...Time Spent Accumulating Experience

We have over thirty five years direct and continuing experience providing Individual Protective Measures (IPM) training and security services for the U.S. Government and notable corporations such as Honeywell, CitiGroup, Tyco, Cisco, American Standard, DynCorp, Motorola, Chrysler and many more. Our operational experience in high risk environments dealing with threats including violent crime and kidnapping, terrorism, physical and personal security, travel security and supply chain theft is extensive. We have provided training to US tiered special operations units, US Ambassadors, corporate executives, their spouses and various law enforcement organizations for decades. We have a hard earned reputation as a preeminent provider of world class training.


Our reputation was built on our ability to deliver practical training that is relevant, responsible and realistic based on our accrued depth of knowedge from decades of operational and instructional experience. Our training products are engaging, current, innovative and professionally presented using superior instructional methodology.




* Note our refund policy. We do not refund tuitions. You may apply your tuition to any course we offer for

up to one year. 

24 - 25 October

Faction Combatives & Combat Sports

7641 E Guadalupe Road B103

Mesa, Arizona 85212




*Knife/Stick ICP

1504 Interstate Business Park

Fredericksburg, Virginia 22405

October 12 - 22

Private Protective Services Training

Dayton, Ohio 45414


October 3 - 4

Omega Protective Concepts

New Jersey




WarTac Combatives

Sacramento, California


October Finland (Pending)

South Africa (Pending)

UK Kinetic Combatives (Pending)

Germany Kuya Combatives (Pending)

Combined Course w/SouthNarc (Pending)


NEW! Self Defenseless Course (Pending)



Apprehension Avoidance/Restraint Release

14 - 15 November Fredericksburg VA


*   Master Instructor for those with Unarmed and HG certifications

Popular. Entertaining. Informative.


Our engaging and popular multimedia StreetWise program is so successful it is often used as the keynote presentations at large corporate off-sites. This dynamic program has wide appeal to everyone and helps companies establish and demonstrate a higher duty of care standard for their employees. Pricing is available for 2, 4 or 6 hour formats but we frequently deliver hybrid programs designed to meet the exact requirements of our clients. We continuously update our programs based on global threat trends. Our program is chosen by companies such as Cisco, Chrysler, Honeywell, American Standard, Yahoo and other notable corporations because it is as entertaining as is it informative. “...the best corporate training I’ve ever had...” “...this should be mandatory for all employees...” “...I wish my whole family could attend these sessions...” are common remarks found in after action critiques written by attendees. There is  no more efficient or enjoyable way to significantly improve the safety and security of your employees than hosting a StreetWise presentation for your employees.

Comprehensive. Engaging. Dynamic.


Our travel security presentation addresses all aspects of travel safety and security. We teach employees how to conduct an efficient risk assessment prior to traveling, develop and maintain layers of security around them as they travel and lessen their likelihood of being targeted or caught in a violent attack. We also teach them how to reduce their public transportation risks, how to select hotels and what specific actions to take to improve the security of their hotel room, how to improve sanitary conditions as well as staying healthy when traveling. Learn how to deal with these issues, other emergencies and much more in this comprehensive, interesting and entertaining class.

Necessary. Urgent. Multi-faceted.


Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina. Church violence continues to happen with alarming regularity. Churches present unique security challenges for many reasons, not the least of which is that a place of worship is meant to be welcoming. We have extensive experience securing the most difficult venues and providing training to personnel responsible for administering a comprehensive security plan. You can rely on Kembativz Brand to be sensitive to your church's needs while not alienating the congregation or diminishing outreach. Security should never be relegated to parishioners who may be well intended but lack the experience or skill to develop a viable security plan. Contact us for more information about this important and potentially life saving requirement.

Relevant. Informative. Essential.


Our four hour anti-terrorism course has been prepared by special operations personnel extensively experienced in both anti and counterterrorism operations. Combining and condensing the best information and the most effective tactics, techniques and procedures, our course is designed to significantly improve student safety and security with regard to the threat of terrorism domestically and abroad. Methods of surveillance detection to identify targeting behavior, pre-incident indicators and attack recognition, vehicle bomb search technique, immediate actions in active shooter situations, bombings and other pertinent instruction on how to survive in high threat situations are all addressed in detail. Practical application exercises that solidify student understanding are included when logistically feasible. This course is the result of decades of experience traveling to high risk environments globally and has been responsible for bringing people home safely from some of the most dangerous locations in the world.

Safeguard your people from this increasingly common threat.


Our two hour Active Shooter course has been chosen by Fortune 100 companies to train their employees what to do in the event they are caught in one of these volatile situations while on the corporate campus or in their daily lives. The course is thoughtfully prepared and not only explains past incidents but also includes specific information to help protect employees lives. Based on the US Government Run-Hide-Fight program, we provide the practical information necessary to stay alive teaching students when to run, how to hide and render doors inoperable and how exactly to fight should that be necessary. We also explain law enforcement organizational roles to ensure people understand what the latest tactics for dealing with Active Shooters are and remain safe when law enforcement arrives. Extremely informative, this course is on point and in demand.

Combatives / Defensive Tactics / Self-Defense


Kembativz Brand is renowned for our ability to teach people how to protect themselves. We travel throughout the world training elite military units, protective services personnel, law enforcement officers, intelligence personnel and civilian groups efficient methods of defending themselves that are highly retainable and remain accessible under duress to significantly improve their survivability. Tens of thousands of people have benefitted from Kembativz Brand instruction, having taught them how to effectively and efficiently use their hands, edged weapons, bludgeons and weapons of opportunity to defend themselves from suddenly violent situations. Our principle based curriculum is taught to U.S. national assets as well as to civilians concerned about their own and their families safety and security. We offer 1, 2, 3 and 5 day programs as well as combined courses in which we combine both unarmed and armed skills. The most comprehensive, practical self protection training available.

*Kembativz Brand offers several certification programs

Practical. Proven. Professional.


Kembativz Brand is an acknowledged leader in the field of teaching realistic, proven firearms tactics, techniques and procedures to those who need it most. Succinct, purposeful movements support our efficient methods carefully developed over years of experience to be practicable under great duress. We focus on the physiological effects of imminent danger and the resultant duress dysfunctions to ensure what we teach is reliable, consistent and will make you more survivable in potentially lethal circumstances. We offer 2, 3 and 5 day programs in handgun and 2 or 3 day programs in carbine as well as specialty programs to meet specific or esoteric needs. Our curriculum meets the requirements of having to successfully prevail when situations dictate the use of lethal force.

*Kembativz Brand offers several certification programs

Encompassing. Exacting. Professional.


We have a long, documented history providing protective services for heads of state, U.S. Ambassadors, CEO’s and high net worth individuals. Our experience enables us to deliver world-class training in all aspects of protective services operations and necessary support skills. We customize training packages to meet our customer’s specific needs or can deliver one of our existing programs to meet their needs. Our instructors have lengthy, direct experience dealing with virtually every threat level and detail configuration from two man security escorts through full diplomatic details including head of state details that require integration of a Counter Assault Team (CAT). Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

An essential element of anti-terrorism.


We deliver surveillance detection training in a variety of configurations. Business travelers will benefit most from our 1 day Basic Surveillance Detection course designed to provide enough skill to determine if they are being followed or considered for target value. This course is particularly useful for expatriates living abroad. Through a series of classroom presentations and street exercises we teach participants how to be alert to the anomalies that indicate a surveillance signature. We offer more robust packages for official user groups that present far more sophisticated and complex scenarios including street exercises. We also combine elements of surveillance detection with other course offerings to provide users a comprehensive pre-deployment training package preparing them to travel and operate safely in dangerous environments.

Take control of this terrifying threat.


We offer comprehensive rape prevention training that is holistic and  addresses methods of avoidance, physical security hardening of apartments and homes, identifying pre-incident indicators, victim selection, less lethal alternative weapons use and physical self defense skills. Our succinct day long program is designed to lead participants through a learning and experiential process that is enlightening and empowering. We ensure attendees understand how much control they can exert over the potential of being victimized and enable them to  avoid threatening situations but deal with suddenly violent encounters should they become unavoidable. Our rape prevention course leaves attendees understanding all of their options and exponentially safer.

Contact us for more information.


We offer a wide variety of specialty courses appropriate for official user groups. Our diverse backgrounds and work experience has resulted in accruing a depth of knowledge in many operationally esoteric areas. We have taught these courses for decades to discriminating special mission units. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

* We also administer certification programs for LEO's and military personnel. Our stringent application of a legitimate certification process produces a depth of knowledge and level of performance in individuals commensurate with the highest standards.


Kembativz Brand is an efficient, effective and trusted force multiplier and security partner.



We perform physical security vulnerability assessments on residential and commercial properties. After conducting an initial meeting to scope your requirements, we assess your domicile or facility security leveraging Kembativz Brand's lengthy experience to ensure you are well protected from the widest variety of potential threats. Contact to discuss your needs and for more information and detail about our capabilities.



We conduct safe, controlled penetration testing of existing security systems and procedures in order to identify our client's vulnerabilities. The types of penetration tests we employ range from unsophisticated intrusion attempts using social engineering and tradecraft techniques to highly sophisticated technical intrusions and other, more involved and complex penetrations. Contact us with your specific requirements. 



We provide executive protection and security escort services for short duration, exigent needs clients. Our experience is considerable having protected ambassadors, directors of government agencies and high net worth individuals. We are seasoned, highly capable professionals who have dealt with the spectrum of threats.  Contact us to review your requirements and draft a support plan that meets your needs. 


Kembativz Brand is a reliable force multiplier and security partner capable of writing detailed security standard operating procedures (SOP's), training plans, lesson outlines and support documentation for companies who do not have dedicated security resources or an assigned Director of Security. We deliver exacting documentation, ensuring our client is in compliance with state law and regulations as well as oversee implementation.  Contact us to develop  your plan.



We provide specialized surveillance detection support prior to corporate events, meetings or in conjunction with corporate Protective Services Operations. These services are particularly important during time and place predictable events (especially during periods of heightened threat level) when it is unfeasible to reschedule due to planning, logistics  and cost commitment. Contact us to assist your corporate security staff and arrange support for your event.


Supply chain security and implementing reliable, consistent and effective stop loss protocol has become increasingly important as margins shrink and competition for market share intensifies. Our staff of seasoned investigators possess the requisite depth of knowledge and tenacity to un- cover and resolve even the most complex theft schemes. Thieves have access to technology and information that was previously not available to the public making security even more challenging. Contact us to discuss your problem and initiate an efficient action plan.



We understand the importance of training and its relevance to safety, security and survivability. Our instructors have unparalleled experience providing High Risk Environment Training to the government, military, corporate and civilian sectors. Our depth of knowledge,  documented work history and demonstrated skill making people safer, more confident and self reliant is world renowned.



Kelly McCann is former Special Missions Officer with over 30 years of operational and training experience. He is a recognized subject matter expert (SME) and Master High Risk Environment (HRE) Instructor. He is the founder and owner of Crucible and co-founder and owner of Kembativz Brand. McCann has authored books, produced many instructional videos and been a regular columnist for both Black Belt magazine and Guns & Ammo.



Ms. Washington is co-founder/owner of Kembativz Brand. She is trained in boxing, Muay Thai, groundfighting,  stick fighting, edged weapons and combatives.  She has appeared on  Personal Defense Televsion, in Black Belt magazine and is featured in Kembativz Brand’s remote learning program produced by Aim Media. She is a certified CrossFit instructor,  combat fitness coach and certified USA Boxing Coach.



Our adjuct staff comprises seasoned professionals; valuable resources who represent several branches of the armed forces, various government agencies and organizations and law enformcement organizations. Their cumulative experience constitutes decades of service in a wide variety of operational and training roles. They are trusted team members; competent and capable veterans.



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