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WE HAVE A STRICT NO REFUND POLICY but honor tuition paid for two years at any seminar we offer at any location.  


NOTE: If you previously registered for a course from 2020 forward and were unable to attend, you may use that credit against any of our offerings in 2022. Offer ends January 31st 2022.. 



Apprehension Avoidance
30 - 31 July 2022   (0900 - 1600 Each Day)
19 Baron Park Road Suite 101
Fredericksburg, VA 22405

Another OG course developed by Kelly to support successfully defeating restraints no matter what is used. Not a "tips and tricks" course like so many, this course is a legitimate academic and skills based course that enables students to deal with a wide variety of restraints (tapes, ropes, chain, handcuffs). Home intrusions and abduction seem to be escalating across the nation (and always have been a concern while overseas in some countries), this is an important skill set and experience to have to round out your ability to protect yourself. 

Students will learn how to make dedicated and improvised tools and use them to defeat restraints. We supply all necessary training equipment and materials. 

Basic Combatives
13 - 14 August 2022   (0900 - 1600 Each Day)
19 Baron Park Road Suite 101
Fredericksburg, VA 22405

You owe it to yourself to read the reviews of this course on our Kembativz FaceBook page. We hadn't run this course for a few years and decided to offer it again in 2021. The response was fantastic, the course was full and based on the after action reports (AAR's) it once again, hit the mark with the target audience. 

If you're looking for an entry point into the combative skill set, this is the course for you. We combine multimedia academic content with practical skill set development to rapidly achieve a solid foundation in each student. All the necessary elements of a credible self defense capability are taught, reinforced and overlaid with lawful, reasonable use of force guidance. 

You will learn what a principle based system consists of and how to consistently apply the principles in dynamic and duress filled situations. The course has been positively reviewed by attendees as instrumental in developing a reliable personal skill set.

You will need basic training equipment (mouthguard, groin protection and MMA gloves), we will provide all other necessary training equipment. Suitable for beginners through experienced practitioners. 

Unarmed Combatives Instructor Certification
7 - 11 September 2022   (0900 - 1600 Each Day)
19 Baron Park Road Suite 101
Fredericksburg, VA 22405

Our 5 day Unarmed Combatives Instructor Certification Program (ICP) is only delivered once annually. This year we've chosen September. This arduous course is designed to produce competent unarmed combatives instructors who can consistently achieve reliable results from student groups populated by novices through advanced practitioners. 

Significant course pre-work is required to be able to accomplish what the course is designed to. This course IS NOT for first time practitioners or for people unfamiliar with our methods. Instead, the prospective instructors are guided through remote learning content in order to ensure they are prepared on arrival to the course.

Similarly, there are significant physical fitness requirements which must be achieved in a programmatic way prior to arrival. Prospects are given daily workouts to prepare them for the ICP physical fitness test. 

A variety of proven screening and testing is used throughout the program to ensure each individual successfully completing all requirements is a truly competent practitioner who can organize classes, prepare content properly and deliver engaging training on the mat. 

The content in the program is not restricted to combatives skill set alone, prospects will also learn how to identify different student types, how best to deal with each, how to ensure a safe training environment and how to properly organize for training. 

On acceptance to the program we will send you a variety of tests for you to take and report your results. We require prospects to write and submit a short essay about themselves and what their motivation and goals are in addition to completing a background check. We make a private instructor-only group available to participants so they may speak directly with their peers and certified instructors to seek their support in achieving program goals. Registrants periodically receive updates that inform, guide and help prepare for the course.

Once enrolled you may attend ANY of our unarmed training courses free of charge (except AA/RR) which helps prepare you for the ICP and saves you $$.

The equipment necessary for the course is listed in one of these periodic updates and ensures that the prospective instructor can train safely while here with us and serves as a template to inform what gear we endorse given our experience.


If you're interested in pursuing becoming a Kembativz Certified Instructor but have additional questions, you may email us at before committing to registering for the program.

Defensive Handgun
30 September - 2 October 2022   (1830 - 2100 30th, 0900 - 1600 Range Days 1 - 2 October)
19 Baron Park Road Suite 101
Fredericksburg, VA 22405

Kelly's Defensive Handgun course remains one of the most respected two day pistol courses in the world. The course of instruction begins on Friday night with a 2 1/2 hour multimedia academic class that frames the curriculum and puts the content in context with your real world of work and life. 

Heralded for its practicality, the course brings shooters through myriad skills that cumulatively result in being a sound shooter who will reliably perform should the situation ever dictate that level of force. 

Demystifying the world of shooting is our passion and making skills accessible to all is a hallmark of our ability to create outstanding shooters. All students will measurably improve regardless of their shooting ability on arrival. Our curriculum is based on standards that have been validate over decades in situations involving the defensive use of the handgun. 

Students require a full frame handgun in good repair, a reliable stiffly constructed holster that will not collapse, appropriate belt, magazine carrier, 3 magazines, eye and ear protection and 750 rounds of ammunition. (Inclement weather gear as needed.)