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Ground Fighting
26 - 27 June 0900 - 1600
19 Baron Park Road Suite 101
Fredericksburg, VA 22405

Ground Fighting is the course you've been looking for to fill the gap between standing and clinching and being forced to the ground. All too often combatives instructors say, "NEVER go to the ground...." without understanding that you may not have a choice. On that day, if you don't have a ground game you're going to get damaged. Taught by Kelly, Michelle Ly and their MMA fighters who have direct and ongoing experience. Don't learn from people who have no credible ground experience and promulgate ridiculous tactics, techniques and procedures. Come to this course and learn proven, reliable ways to deal with ground attacks. 

Instructor Certification Program

14 - 18 July 0830 - 1700

19 Baron Park Road Suite 101

Fredericksburg, VA 22405

The five day Kembativz Instructor Certification Program is designed to develop instructors who fully understand our curriculum, can accurately and competently demonstrate our curriculum and can professionally and consistently achieve results in student groups of all types. Contact us for more information