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Below are all our pending events. To register, click the button and follow the prompts.


WE HAVE A STRICT NO REFUND POLICY but honor tuition paid for two years at any seminar we offer at any location.  


NOTE: If you previously registered for a course from 2023 forward and were unable to attend, you may use that credit against any of our offerings in 2024. Offer ends January 31st 2025. 




16-17 March 2024

19 Baron Park Road

Suite 101

Fredericksburg, VA 22405

0900 - 1600 Both Days

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Always a favorite! And a St. Patrick's Day to boot! In this two day course we provide the attendees with the necessary fundamentals to flourish as a combatives practitioner. Both standing and ground technique is covered, overlaid with our combatives principles to ensure students have a deep understanding of what's necessary to defend themselves. 

This is the best entry point for many who have been considering starting to train. Seasoned practitioners also benefit from the content and the contact during the course. 

Starting on the road to being competent in self defense shouldn't be overwhelming or intimidating. Don't put it off any longer - hit the go button above and register today!


20-21 April 2024

19 Baron Park Road

Suite 101

Fredericksburg, VA 22405

0900 - 1600 All Days

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groundfighting 2024.png

One of the most common things we encounter in student groups is a desire

to improve ground skills. People complain that the length of time it takes has prevented them from pursuing instruction. In this fast paced, two day course we will do more to improve your overall ground game than you think possible. Taught by Kelly, Michelle and current MMA fighters, the instruction is legitimate and not someone's idea of what "should work." Instead, the curriculum is rooted in traditional ground systems (folkstyle wrestling, BJJ, Sambo, etc.) and informed by our long experience in MMA. 

Don't waste your time and money with someone who isn't an experienced ground combatant. Come to this efficiently streamlined course and learn what you need to know in order to protect yourself should a confrontation go to the ground.


4-5 May 2024

19 Baron Park Road

Suite 101

Fredericksburg, VA 22405

0900 - 1530 All Days

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Dirty Boxing 2024.png

A lot of people use the term "dirty boxing" yet have no idea what it actually is and how to best employ it in a fight. Our two day course is taught by Kelly, Michelle and our experienced MMA fighters. Our curriculum includes hand fighting, elements of control, unconventional striking techniques, back takes, duck-unders, arm drags, snap downs, use of the head to pin and head position, elbows and punching. 

Stand up grappling is a challenge for anyone but use of dirty boxing will improve your ability to prevail in these types of confrontations. Stop wondering what Dirty Boxing is all about and commit to taking this course with us, you'll be glad you did!

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