Kembativz Brand Around the World

Zagreb, Croatia
Athens, GA
Warrior Sport Pretoria, South Africa
Black Belt Disarm Feature
Undisputed Gym San Diego, CA
Buckeye Combatives, Columbus,OH
Omaha, Nebraska
Gracie Capetown, South Africa Clinic
One More Round - with Stitch
Rooftop Roll Undisputed, San Diego
DermaBond Time!
WildCard Gym, Hollywood, CA
Car Kembativz
Buckeye Combatives, Columbus, OH
Stockholm, Sweden
Black Belt Studios w/Beast
UFC Ref Dan Miragliotta
Warrior Sports Academy, South Africa
Coach Kelly Cornering
Black Belt Studio Video Shoot
With 5x UFC Champ Pat Miletich
Long Island, NY
Chicago, IL
Brentwood, CA
Self Defense Instructor of the Year
United Kingdom with Lee Morrison
UFC Judge Cardo Urso

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Gracie Capetown, South Africa Clinic