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Edged Weapons Attacks on the Rise

Knife on knife "combat" has increasingly become more of a possibility. You'd have to be asleep to have not noticed the global trend in lone wolf attacks involving edged weapons. Why the increase? Simplicity. Accessibility of weapons. Encouragement from any number of violent extremist groups. All of these things have culminated in an increased number of attacks in which a person suddenly produces an edged weapon and starts slashing and stabbing people nearby.

It's important to recognize the trend and do something about it. Sure, in a firearms-common society such as the US, lots of people immediately think gun...but then don't carry routinely or consistently. For a lot of our followers, owning a firearm isn't even an option, let alone carrying one daily.

So what can be done? Well, we're unaware of any circumstance where one of these knife wielding attackers has been stopped by an intended victim defending with a knife (or any other weapon for that matter). The attackers have been either shot by security personnel, overwhelmed by bystanders or have saved everyone the trouble by killing themselves. Why is that? Do that few people see a need to potentially have to protect themselves?

One of our combatives principles is to "go armed." How you choose to do this is a matter of personal preference, local laws and a commitment to protect yourself. Remember that not one of the people caught in these horrific situations probably really internalized the thought it could or would happen to them. But it did.

We keep waiting for stories to emerge in which people who find themselves in these situations are actually prepared--armed with both skills and a weapon and take care of business. The bottom line is that training for potential sudden violence isn't a hobby, it's a responsibility. It's time for people who are critical of those of us who train as alarmists or over reacting to stop being unalarmed or under reacting.

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