Kembativz Brand has a long history providing training to law enforcement personnel and organizations. For over 15 years our personnel provided training to the Department of State CivPol program (now CJPS) which deployed U.S. Police officers to hazardous locations globally. We have significant experience training local, state and federal law enforcement organizations helping to improve their survivability and mission attainment. Contact us for more information or to discuss your organizational requirements.

NOTE: Certification programs are available that will meet or exceed your organizational requirements. Our programs develop incomparable depth of knowledge and demonstrable proficiency. 

  • SWAT Combatives

  • High Risk Patrol Combatives

  • Undercover Operators Program (UCOP)

  • Close Quarters Combat (CQB)

  • LEO Handgun

  • LEO Carbine

  • LEO Edged Weapons

  • Expandable Baton

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