Run a school? Belong to a training or other type of group?

We're frequently asked what it takes to host a Kembativz Brand seminar. Although it's not difficult, there are two basic requirements that have to be met - a venue and most importantly PEOPLE. We've got to meet the minimum number of people required to attend or a seminar won't succeed. We'll help market the event by posting the seminar on our website, Facebook page and Instagram account but when you commit to hosting, ultimately you're taking on the responsibility to ensure the minimum number of people will sign up and attend. If we schedule a seminar and have to cancel, there's an opportunity cost to us which can't be replaced.


If you're serious about hosting a seminar and are confident you can meet these requirements, contact us and we'll send you a .pdf document which is informative and answers most FAQ's. We deliver high energy, fun and inclusive seminars. We encourage a high degree of camaraderie and ensure everyone receives firsthand attention. If you're looking for the best self defense experience you've ever had, you've found it.

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