CLE Testimonials

"In October of this year, I received an email invitation from a colleague and friend, Pennsylvania attorney and Renegade Combat Sports Club member Justin McShane, for a two day continuing legal education seminar entitled, "Personal Security and Self Defense Law." While I had never engaged in anything like this in my personal or professional life, upon reading about the course outline, and instructors Kelly McCann and Michelle Washington's bios, i was immediately interested and ended up signing up the very next day. It was held in Fredericksburg, Virginia at Kelly and Michelle's Renegade Combat Sports Club facility. Suffice to say, while physically demanding and at times somewhat frightening, it was one of the greatest experiences of my personal or professional life. As a criminal defense attorney, this course focused on teaching you, the individual, not just boxing and muay thai fundamentals or just numerous self defense techniques. They continuously provided the lawyer aspect with one of a kind experience in what it is like to experience the x10 adrenal effect when personal confrontations occur. What it's like to be and feel vulnerable. To be scared and yes, to be hit and feel the need to hit back to protect yourself. Yes, it's a controlled environment but this course, Kelly and Michelle and the contributing boxers and muay thai fighters will push you to places you not only have never experienced but did not know you were capable of by pushing beyond your comfort zone and personal boundaries to confront your own fear(s). All while learning so much along the way. I simply could not recommend this course with any more sincerity or passion. If you, a loved one or a friend is a practicing attorney anywhere in the world and want to have a personal and professional experience of a lifetime, this course is for you. The friendships established, laughter shared and the Guinesses consumed at the gym's Last Round pub at the end of a hard training and instructional day are bonuses of attending. While I'm still sore as hell, thank you so much Kelly, Michelle, Justin and the whole Renegade Combati Sports Club Crew, I cannot wait to return!  Harley W. Attorney

"This type of training and understanding only comes from years and years of experience...and spend 10 seconds with Kelly and you know he's lived everything he teaches. I really care about how technique is taught from the ground up. Because once you have solid technique, you can learn so much more and can turn anything into an art form. Kelly, Michelle and the Renegade team hold those core values and really know how to present them. They're incredible at explaining, but also create a vibrant learning environment. I'm looking forward to training more there for sure." Eric G. Attorney

"The course was fantastic. I found this to provide phenomenal insight from the perspective of a trier of fact in use of force cases. Additionally, as someone who potentially angers half of the people each day I show up for work, I picked up some life skills that hopefully I'll never need." Rob L. Presiding Judge

"Kelly and Michelle just flat out delivered. The course was full of great content and was eye opening for sure, but also empowering. A special thanks to the fighters for the rounds and also everyone else who trains at Renegade. I know that all of them as well as Kelly and Michelle and both the Kembativz Brand and Renegade made lifelong new fans and brand ambassadors. The number one comment from the attendees was "What's the next training class we can do with Michelle and Kelly?" Justin M. Attorney

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