Combatives for Street Survival remains one of the best selling books in the self defense genre. Appreciated for the style in which it is written, this book provides valuable insights into the criminal predatorial mindset as well as how targeting and victimization occurs. The book's conversational tone, use of humor and revelations about confrontation avoidance and confrontation make it one of the most enjoyable reads about self defense and combatives available. Combatives for Street Survival is now in it's 5th reprinting having established itself as a classic and a "must read" for anybody interested in improving their safety, security and self defense capabilities.


NOTICE: Since the demise of Paladin Press we have been inundated with inquiries about how to get continued access to the titles below and asked if we are going to be releasing new titles in the future. YES. We are negotiating with a major streaming outlet now and are sorting out how you can obtain access to these videos as well as new ones going forward. Thank you for your continued interest and your patience. 

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