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We have over thirty five years direct and continuing experience providing Individual Protective Measures (IPM) training to the US Govt. as well as Fortune 500 corporations.

Our operational experience in high risk environments dealing with threats including violent crime and kidnapping, terrorism, physical and personal security and supply chain theft is extensive. We have provided training to US tiered special mission units, US Ambassadors, corporate executives, their spouses and various law enforcement organizations (LEO’s).

For over 15 years we provided all high risk environment training to the Department of State law enforcement program (Criminal Justice Program Support CJPS) that deployed tens of thousands of US police officers to hazardous locations all over the world. We have provided operational support, conducted security operations and conducted training in over 58 countries.

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Upcoming Courses

If you are interested in hosting a course, please contact us at info@kembativz.com

Registration: Kembativz 2 Day Seminar (San Francisco, cA)
(12/3/2016 – 12/4/2016 – 09:00 AM – 04:00 PM)

Date: December 3 – 4

Schedule: Saturday – Sunday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


San Francisco, CA
United States


Come join us in San Francisco, CA on historic Grant Avenue in Chinatown, Bruce Lee’s backyard! We have secured an excellent location in beautiful San Francisco and are excited to deliver our brand of hard hitting combatives on the West Coast. We will be delivering an exciting curriculum that includes street style dirty boxing, counter edged weapons, straight combatives, ground fighting, stick work and more! This is an awesome opportunity! Bring it!

Email info@kembativz.com to secure your seat with a deposit.

Deposits & Refunds:

All Kembativz Mobile Training Team Courses require a deposit of 50% of the total course tuition for a seat to be guaranteed. The balance of the tuition must be paid 14 days before class convenes. Once you have paid your deposit you may cancel up to 21 days before the course start date without forfeit. For cancellations within 21 days of the training start date for a death in the family or other serious circumstance (in our judgement) there will be no forfeit. For other cancellations under 21 days STUDENTS WILL FORFEIT THEIR DEPOSIT. To be valid the cancellation must be received in writing via postal mail (Kembativz PO Box 6102 Fredericksburg, VA 22403) or email to info@kembativz.com.

Forfeited deposits may be reapplied to a subsequent Kembativz course (or be applied to another student’s tuition at the direction of the original depositor) within six months. If the original depositor does not attend a subsequent course or apply his/her deposit to another student’s tuition within six months of the start date of the original course, the deposit will be forfeited.


Vintage San Francisco


How Good Is Your Ground Game

How many times have you heard combatives instructors say, “You never want to go to the ground..”? There are obvious reasons for this (falling to the ground and hitting something or landing poorly, multiple attacker threats, etc.) but one reason should NOT be that you suck on the ground! There are times when it makes […]


New! Car Kem-‘ba-tivz with Kelly McCann


May Combatives

Our May Combatives class was a success with everyone getting their fill of training. Defensive positions, movement, strikes, sequences, situational self-offense, ground and counter-weapons was covered and the students all banged hard.


Kembativz Branding

We are expanding our branded clothing line and other products offered in our online store. Keep returning to see what’s available. We will roll out these new, exciting products over the next month. Watch our FaceBook page (Kembativz Civilian Training Center) for weekly instruction to commence in June. We haven’t nailed the exact start date […]


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